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10" round pans with lids (3)
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Includes 3 pans plus 3 lids.

Perfect size for 7 to 9 servings. Each pan holds 76 ounces or 9 1/2 cups. The round shape makes them especially perfect for recipes such as Bird’s Nest Pie (pictured) or Steak and Vegetable Pie or Taco Pie but they are perfect for nearly any recipe since they can be baked in the oven, or heated in the microwave! Convenient aluminum cardboard lids lay flat on the inside rim of the pan, then pan edges are easily folded down, securely holding lid in place. Lids are not microwaveable.

Smooth lid surface is perfect for attaching a label. (See Labels for more information.)
Perfect for freezer recipes!

Set includes 3 pans and 3 lids.

Each Pan:
10 inch round
2 inches deep
9 1/2 cup capacity

Bird's Nest Pie
Dinner is Ready, page 157