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Are You a Full-Time Mom? We Have a Treasure Trove of Easy Healthy Recipes for You

If you’re a full-time mom with a full-time job or other pressing obligations, you simply don’t have the time to watch Rachael Ray or Paula Deen for ideas on easy healthy recipes. Going through your old Taste of Home or Bon Appetit magazines can be a pain. Even scouring the Internet can suck your time quickly.
If this sounds familiar, we have just the right resource for full-time moms and other multitaskers like you. Our cookbooks will provide you with easy healthy recipes whenever you need them. Use the cookbooks to prepare food using the 30 Meals in One Day method. 

Try These Free Easy Healthy Recipes

What is 30 Meals in One Day? It’s a proven method for making delicious meals using easy healthy recipes. You can prepare an entire month’s worth of dishes, do all the cooking in just a few hours, freeze everything, and start serving fabulous meals.Our three easy-to-read cookbooks are packed with easy healthy recipes that you can make with the help of our life-changing method.

Easy Healthy Recipes from “Dinner is Ready” Cookbook

This book offers you more than 150 easy healthy recipes to choose from for the next 30 days. You will dramatically cut the time and effort in preparing each of the 30 meals individually. From chicken to pasta to beef, here are some sample recipes for “Honey Lime Chicken,” “Bird’s Nest Pie,” “Honey Barbecued Ribs,” and “Oven Stew.

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Easy Healthy Recipes from “On the Side” Cookbook:

This book is a perfect companion to “Dinner is Ready.” Many full-time moms who use our method and cookbooks can attest to this. Make each meal more appealing and healthy with simple side dishes. This book includes 350 great side dishes—vegetables, pasta, salads, rice, breads.
Jazz up your daily menu with our easy healthy recipes for “Mashed Red Potatoes,” “Lemon Rice,” “Sweet and Sour Salad,” ”Sweet and Sour Dressing,” “Candied Carrots,” and “Paradise Pasta Salad.”  

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Easy Healthy Recipes from “Lunch is Ready” Cookbook:

Although this book has “lunch” in the title, its easy healthy recipes can be perfect for dinner.  Full-time moms don’t have to stress out about tomorrow’s lunch for school or work. You’ll find 200 delicious recipes that you can prepare ahead of time and freeze.
Try these easy healthy recipes for “Apple Roast Pork Sandwiches,” “Apple Roast Pork Salad,” “Poppy Seed Dressing,” “Zesty Beef and Vegetable Soup,” “BBQ Mini Chicken Pizzas,” and “BBQ Sauce.

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Save Time, Effort, and Money with Our Easy Healthy Recipes

·         Order all three books to save time and money.
·         If you’re a full-time mom who spends a lot of time in front of a computer or if you love using a tablet or smartphone, save even more by ordering the books plus our 3-in-1 software now. The software gives you all the recipes in the cookbooks plus the capability to manage them and plan your meals without the need to hand write labels, menus, shopping lists, recipes, and freezer inventories.