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Healthy Meals

It’s proven that eating healthy meals helps you prevent the incidence of disease, maintain a fit body weight, and just feel better in general. You know you want your family to eat right, but who has the time? Preparing healthy meals for your family every day seems impossible when there are so many other distractions competing for your time. Work, family, household chores…who can keep up, let alone put healthy meals on the table every day? With 30 Meals in One Day, you can!
By showing you how to spend just one day a month preparing multiple healthy meals ahead of time, the 30 Meals in One Day program makes it possible for you to provide healthy meals for your family every day, regardless how many distractions are pulling you in different directions. But these aren’t just the same old soggy freezer meals that your family will dread—they’re actually tasty recipes you’ll love! Rather than spending hours in the kitchen every day trying to come up with different healthy meal solutions for your family, you can simply spend one day a month of careful preparation to make sure your family’s nutritional needs are met any time a meal needs to be prepared. With 30 Meals in One Day, you’ll have all the tools you need to prepare healthy meals in advance so you can simply pull out a frozen meal each day and have a nutritious and delicious dinner ready for your family in no time.
Just take a look at some of the useful products 30 Meals in One Day offers to help you provide healthy meals that your family will love that can be heated up in just minutes:


The Dinner is Ready, Lunch is Ready, and On the Side cookbooks are chock full of a variety of healthy meal recipes that your family will love. These cookbooks will teach you the 30 Meals in One Day method of advance preparation and guide you through the process order and techniques that will put 30 healthy meals in your freezer after just a single day of preparation. The instructions for each recipe are easy to follow so you can be sure that it will be simple to prepare each healthy meal in advance for a family of any size. The cookbooks also include valuable tips to help you plan, shop for, prepare, and freeze 30 healthy meals in a single day so you can avoid slaving away in the kitchen for several hours each day. And if you don’t have a whole day to spend preparing healthy meals, you can use some of the cookbooks’ shortcut options to prepare any number of freezer meals in advance.


The 30 Meals in One Day recipe management software makes it a snap to plan out, shop for, cook, and freeze 30 healthy meals in a single day. The software automates everything except the preparation and the shopping! You’ll have no more need to hand write recipes, shopping lists, menus, or labels. Plus, the software is easy to learn and easy to use and allows you to add an unlimited amount of new recipes to the program. In addition, the software also includes every healthy meal recipe that appears in the 30 Meals in One Day cookbooks.


Our opaque white labels are perfect for labeling the healthy meals you’ve prepared for freezing. The 2x4 inch labels include plenty of space to include the name of the recipe, cooking instructions, and the date the healthy meal was prepared. The labels adhere easily to food storage containers, freezer bags, foil pans, and our specialized, microwavable freezer pans. And to help you streamline your meal preparation process even more, the labels are designed to be used with the 30 Meals in One Day software.

Disposable Freezer Pans

One of our most popular line of products, our microwavable freezer pans come in nine different sizes so you can freeze family size healthy meals or single-size servings—whatever is most convenient for you! These unique microwavable foil containers allow you to freeze the exact size meal you need for the recipe you are preparing. And although they’re inexpensive enough to be disposable after a single use, these durable containers can be reused when cleaned carefully. But don’t worry—they’re easy to clean. Plus, they are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Package Deals

We know that you want your family to eat healthy meals but you also have to stay within a budget. That’s why we’ve combined our package deals to help you save money without sacrificing the healthy meals your family deserves. Buy the full set, a single cookbook with software, or another combination set that best suits the needs of your family. 
Save Time, Save Money, Eat Better!
You’ll never have the excuse that you don’t have time for your family to eat healthy meals again. With 30 Meals in One Day, you’ll always be able to say, “Dinner is ready!” no matter how busy your day has been!