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A Month’s Worth of Fast Family Meals That Are Nutritious, Too!

You want to prepare healthy meals for your family, but with all the activities competing for your time it just doesn’t seem to happen. If you want fast family meals but you also know your family deserves healthy cooking, 30 Meals in One Day is the answer for you!  

How to Make 30 Fast Family Meals in Just 15 Minutes Per Meal

Your family should eat healthy, but you also know that you don’t have the time to create nutritious, home cooked meals every single day. As a result, your fast family meals involve a drive-through window all too frequently. But your family deserves better. What if there was a way to spend just a single afternoon cooking every month but you could still enjoy delicious meals that were good for you too? With the 30 Meals in One Day program, you can! You can prepare fast family meals in an average of 15 minutes without the hassle of daily cooking preparation and cleanup. The easy 30 Meals in One Day program saves you time, money, and daily cooking headaches, not to mention that you get yummy, fast family meals by using our time-tested process.

How Is It Possible to Make 30 Meals in One Day?

The 30 Meals in One Day program gives you all the tools you need to prepare fast family meals in advance so you can simply pull out a frozen dish each day and have healthy meals ready for your family in no time! Our Dinner is Ready, Lunch is Ready, and On the Side cookbooks are chock full of a variety of healthy, fast family meal recipes that your family will love. These cookbooks will teach you the 30 Meals in One Day method of advance preparation and guide you through the process and techniques that will put 30 healthy fast family meals in your freezer after just a single day of cooking time. Our program also provides valuable information to help you plan, shop for, prepare, and freeze 30 healthy meals in a single day so you can avoid working in the kitchen for several hours every day. And if you don’t have a whole day to spend preparing fast family meals, you can use some of the shortcuts to prepare any number of freezer meals in advance. Plus, you can adjust the recipes to meet your family’s portion size and dietary needs.

Order 30 Meals in One Day now to start preparing fast family meals with the help of our:

  • Cookbooks: We offer three different cookbooks containing 700 fast family meal recipes for creating great-tasting and nutritious lunches, dinners, and side dish freezer meals
  • Software: Our 30 Meals in One Day software program allows you to choose from our fast family meal recipes, modify ingredients to meet your family’s dietary needs, add your own recipes, and auto generate your shopping list for the month
  • Microwavable and Disposable Freezer Pans: One of our most popular items, these handy storage pans come in nine different sizes to fit any serving size of fast family meals that you might need
  • Labels: Our opaque white, 2x4-inch labels are perfect for labeling the fast family meals you’ve prepared for freezing, plus they have plenty of space to include the name of the recipe, cooking instructions, and the date the nutritious meal was prepared
Your time is valuable, so why spend most of it in the kitchen when you could be spending it with your family? Check out the 30 Meals in One Day cookbooks, software, and freezer pans today to start preparing fast family meals and reclaiming your family time!