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30 Minute Meals in LESS than 30 Minutes

Rachael Ray became famous for her popular recipes for 30 minute meals.  But what if it’s possible to make dinners for an entire month in less time, with less work, and with less money than the traditional 30 minute meals you see on the web?  If you are looking to create healthy, home-cooked meals for all diet preferences — low carb, gluten free, paleo — faster than it takes to set your table, the 30 Meals in One Day process is for you!  

How to Create 30 Minute Meals in 15 Minutes

Creating 30 minute meals is so 20th century.  With the 30 Meals in One Day program, now you can serve fabulously delicious meals in an average of 15 minutes without the aftermath of cooking cleanup. This fast, easy-to-use process saves you money and daily cooking hassles, not to mention it gives you more time after a long day’s work to spend with your kids at ballet, little league, or soccer rather than slaving away in the kitchen.

How Does 30 Meals in One Day Work?

The 30 Meals in One Day process helps you plan your meals for an entire month, do all the cooking in just a few hours, and freeze everything in our unique microwavable and disposable freezer pans that you can quickly heat and serve in minutes. Now the time it takes to prepare traditional 30 minute meal recipes is cut down dramatically. 

Order now to get started saving time and money with 30 Meals in One Day:

  • Cookbooks: Choose from three cookbooks containing 700 recipes for a variety of diets similar to other 30 minute meal recipes to create great-tasting lunches, dinners, and side dish freezer meals
  • Software: Pick your recipes, modify ingredients, add your own recipes, and auto generate your shopping list for the month with cooking instructions and labels for each freezer meal
  • Microwavable and Disposable Freezer Pans:  Chose from nine different sizes to fit accommodate a variety of serving sizes appropriate for your household
Your time is valuable, and for working moms, you get back your sanity by using the 30 Meals in One Day process.  If you have any questions or want more information about 30 Meals in One Day products, see our Cookbooks and Software pages.