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The book was very easy to read and did a great job of explaining the whole 30 Meals in One Day process. I am especially thrilled about the 30 Meals in One Day software. Once I picked my recipes in the book, (I was planning to do 10 but ended up choosing 13, for 26 meals), I installed the program, clicked on the recipes I wanted and created a meal plan, then printed a custom shopping list, meal plan, recipe cards (for ease on cooking day), and labels for each meal. It was super fast and very easy. Now it feels so great to have my freezer full and I truly look forward to doing it again.
~ Living Well Spending Less
Did you know that eating dinner together as a family will not only bring your family closer together, but it is also a great way to teach your children table manners. AND  a really HUGE bonus is that you are more likely to have really great, well behaved kids who are more likely to keep the family rules and stay away from alcohol, drugs and immoral behaviors. Look at this...

A recent study conducted by Roper Public Affairs & Media found that there are great benefits to a family regularly eating together.  The study found that "families that eat together are less likely to have children that engage in destructive behaviors such as premarital sex, smoking, drinking alcohol or taking drugs."

make ahead recipes
CookbooksThese three easy-to-read cookbooks are packed with healthy dinner ideas that you can make with the help of our life-changing method.
SoftwareRecipe management software that makes it easy to plan, shop, cook, and freeze 30 meals in one day—and it comes with the recipes from our popular cookbooks. No more hand writing recipes, shopping lists, menus or labels. This program is easy to learn, easy to use and will save you buckets of time!
LabelsOpaque White Labels are ideal for labeling the meals you put in your freezer. 2 x 4 inch labels have plenty of room for Recipe Name, Cooking Instructions and Date. Easily adhere to food storage containers such as freezer bags, plastic containers, foil and our freezer pans which are microwaveable containers. Perfect for use with 30 Meals in One Day Software.
Disposable Freezer PansConvenient foil pans come in 9 different sizes, making it easy to freeze meal-size, from single serving to family size. Don't make a recipe and get stuck with too many leftovers. Freeze exactly the size you need for the meal! ~ Microwave containers! (Yes! You really can microwave in them!!) ~ Inexpensive enough to make them Disposable - making clean-up a breeze. ~ Durable enough to make them Re-Usable when cleaned carefully. ~ Environmentally friendly - Recyclable.
Package DealsOur most popular combinations! Packaged and priced to save you money! Choose combination packages and SAVE money every time!

Do you love dinner with your family? Are you too busy to cook that wonderful dinner for your family every day? 30 Meals in One Day (once a month cooking) will help you put dinner on the table, every day, no matter how busy your day has been. Cookbooks full of family friendly make ahead meals, Software that will streamline the freezer meal process, Foil Pans that are microwave containers that not only let you store your meals in the freezer in easily identifiable tidy packages, but make it a breeze to choose dinner and get it on the table in a few minutes. Save Time ~ Save Money ~ Eat Better!